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13 October 2010 @ 01:00 am
...on Omona rn, with all the JYJ and Hyunjoong and Jungmal posts relevant to my interests.  I have never not skipped posts in so long.  OMFG YOOCHUN.  It's not enough that his suit is red, it's frikking red LEOPARD PRINT. ILU, you crazy bastard.  I need ticketsssss.  Jaejoong in a leather jacket still looking (wtf it took me 3 tries to spell 'looking' :ll) ethereal.  Have another Yoochun.  In glasses shitshitshit.  Lol @ people 0_0ing over Junsu in the photobook.  Flashy cars. AUGH. GIMME MOREEEE.  Also, Hyunjoong's hair is not curly anymore. Wanna revert back to Deja Vu hair? *waggles eyebrows* JUNGMAL FOREVER.


10 October 2010 @ 08:31 pm
Bwahaha you guys.  I just bought myself a Droid. YEAH, BABY.  I will tell you, this is very much a departure from my technologically-impaired self.  If there was one person in a given group of people who had the shittiest gadgets or DIDN'T have gadgets, it would be me.  Probably the only thing I own that makes me little more than prehistoric is my iPod and it's the 30gig classic that isn't even sold anymore, really.  HAHAHA.  I am so happy, idec.  /maniacal/  Anyway, I had premeditated this for months, I'll have you know, so it's not a random snap of my fingers.  Yes, delayed gratification absolutely makes this a sane decision 8DDD  I will not deny that a good chunk of this is motivated by the desire not to be late for JYJ tickets but it's not the ONLY reason, k.   AHAHAHA I AM TOO HAPPY.

...Ok, I am calm now.

YUSS, it is that time of the week again.  The time to spazz about Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Sigh.  Man, are episodes getting harder and harder to come by.  Immediately subbed, that is.  I had to resort to reading a synopsis then watching the raw last week.  But I am prepared this week -- I have disciplined myself that a wait may be inevitable.  I hope I am wrong :l

Anyway, just random spazzes; no capfest this time because I am lazy peehee.

1) I am totally digging this sash-around-the-waist get-up. The broader the sash, the better.  I have figured it out now.  This is why I totally dry-mouth at Yoochun in that frikking archery outfit. Also special mention for Ah In in his rugged whatever clothes. YUMMEH.

2) OKKKK. Now.  I have been firm in my shipping of the main people thus far, but frikking hell.  STOP RUI-ING ME, GDI!!!  We're getting into the Moon Jaeshin end of things and it doesn't help that he's so lovely to her, which is different from his ways with others. Woobification will always get me.  He's like... Domyouji in the sense that he changed drastically for Tsukushi AND Rui in the sense that he's always there for her yadayada and AUGGHH CHINCHA (this is a very useful Korean word to convey exasperation btw; I use it at work all the time).  Anyway, he took her to dinner ONEONEELEVENTYONE and just. That was it for me. That was when I got Rui'd.  Sadface. WAYLT, drama.

My head hurts.
04 October 2010 @ 01:10 am
Oh, you guys.  How is Sungkyunkwan & Scandal so good? How? Hooooow? Good move, Yoochun.  IA with Jaejoong about this being a turning point; I mean, it's definitely a drama you can be proud of being a part of (is that gramatically correct? *cringe*).  So far, anyway.  HALFWAY POINT. DD: 10 episodes left :(( Anyway, it's time for another entry of spazz because skkscandal  doesn't seem to have a spazz post for ep10 and I have to make do on my own.  Belated, since I only found the links to ep10 Friday because KBS is being a whiny biotch and blocking viikii :lll But we will always prevail /evil laugh

So! Onto the ep10 (and ep9) spazz (warning -- obviously spoilery and looooong because I went into detailed mode :O).
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28 September 2010 @ 10:48 pm
JYJ COMING TO NYC ON NOVEMBER 12. I have to go. idec about how I pretty much only know Chajatta and Too Love and I don't think they're even singing that and that I wish I could pay SM some of my hard-earned money to lend Changmin and Yunho and rights to DBSK songs for 1 measly night.  IDEC that they look a bit shifty in that album cover thing(?) -- lol idek if that's an album cover because I pretty much just read NYC Nov 12 and everything else ceased to exist.

The pull is too strong. I can't not.  Frikking Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu in front of me in the flesh, I CAN'T NOT.  Someone hold me. I HAVE TO GOOOO.  How do I get tickets??? ;____;
23 September 2010 @ 12:01 am
Stop reading this and go. watch. Sungkyunkwan. Scandal. nao. GOOOOOOO.
15 September 2010 @ 11:31 pm

OK. I need to release my pent-up love for Sungkyunkwan Scandal (or Sungkyunkwan & Scandal, wtfever).  You guys. You guys.  I don't know if you'll take this as crazed rambling, but LISTEN.  This is the good stuff, ok.  And I'm not just being Yoochun-biased.  Lord knows wild horses couldn't drag me to watch a historical drama and I could maybe pretend for my stanning standards but I wouldn't be daydreaming about it at work like this ksjdskjdksjdk.  I CAN'T BREATHE.  The story and the goddamn gorgeous cast, what even.  I am going to try to coheresize my love for it so you won't lock me up as craycray so bear with me:
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01 June 2010 @ 11:20 pm

Come on, it's that time in the fandom clock.  Tick tock tick tock, get moving.  Get into the fandom and get some friends. Also, post after my post because I'm awkwardly alone in the second page.  Halpppp.
30 April 2010 @ 12:46 am
People are so goddamn exhausting. I'm serious.
24 April 2010 @ 10:19 pm
As I was telling ichigo_246  (and you might've been stalking by, Zig), I've been getting this urge to have a DBSK post but I can't. I'll just... watch videos by myself and be sad. /pathetic

...SO ANYWAY, while I'm waiting for people to up and sub Cinderella's Sister -- viikii is being mean to me and while I've been stalking dramabeans' recaps because it makes me appreciate the show more, it's still a different matter entirely to actually watch the show -- , I decided to watch Down with Love. 

Ok, little backgrounder of this drama: One of those gender-bender things but she doesn't pretend to be a boy, she pretends to be a lesbian lmfao so you know that's going to bring some sexuality questioning and conflict and general lulz.  Jerry Yan, I am envious in light of your band being inactive but still holding a lot of weight in Taiwanese showbiz.  He's still the highest earning star as of 2009, I believe.  As I was telling Wiw (lol I seem to be telling Wiw everything), I wish DBSK would've gone that route instead. dkfjdk no, I'm not going there today.  But anyway, as I was saying, Changmin should just brush up on his Mandarin and be a Taiwanese superstar --

HAHA w/e I thought he looked like Changmin at the time but he kind of doesn't anymore. Maybe in action. Kind of. Sometimes.


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17 April 2010 @ 01:10 pm

kyujong and woelvs

PS [info]kyujong , I hope we see each other in the 2pm show. Still being wishy-washy about buying tickets but I may have found a fellow fangirl at work and finding someone to go with kind of tips it in that direction ;333
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